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You can send us a pictures of your bulky electrical appliances by Whatsapp and we will reply with price in 5 mins.
Prices from £59

are you after freezer collection?

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Reliable freezer collection in Upper Hambleton, LE15

Our items recycling service covering Willows, Millarston and Silverton offers competitively prices, rapid and experienced freezer collection removal for homeowners or landlords in Rutland, Greater Manchester and Renfrewshire.

Our Rutland based bulky electrical appliances clearance service can help carry off of all bulky You can rest assured that all rubbish is recycled responsiblyjunk and rubbish and appliances. Please call 0800 138 9100 to discuss further or even arrange your freezer collection in Edith Weston.

We almost dispose of it all:

  • table, printer, armchair
  • cupboards, computer monitors, chairs
  • mattress & oven
  • toilets & cookers

We're accredited and approved to load up hazardous materials and chemicals like asbestos. We also make it straightforward for homeowners to carry away of appliances like fridges and freezers.

We are clean - our UK waste removal company recycle and repurpose up to 90%.  We are celebrating over 14 years in business.

Items we unfortunately cannot take:

  • Things we CAN'T take away: Biological or medical waste
  • We CAN'T remove any chemicals (sorry)
  • We CAN'T clear away fish ponds and tanks (sorry)
  • We Can collect car batteries from homes in Lyddington but the do cost a little extra

We have been operating for years.

With our own collection men and vans and loading teams we can collect and remove and recycle all your rubbish, from just a few items to entire flats or houses.

Our disposal service allows us to get rid of unneeded photocopiers, tired garden cuttings or broken tables and more. All litter and furniture removals and recycling in Upper Hambleton [are made by [professional], happy [staff. [fact3].

Trust our rubbish disposal company for furniture clearance

  • You can send us a pictures by Whatsapp and we will reply with price in 5 mins
  • Scheduled Pickups or One-off Collections in Lyddington Rutland
  • Recommended and reviewed
  • RC (Rutland) Ltd remove all commercial and domestic waste from Lyddington quickly and dispose of it correctly
  • over 15 years experience
freezer collection


Responsible Disposal

It is your rubbish, your responsibility, if it is fly tipped you could be fined. company] is fully licensed by the Environmental Agency. Your waste is either recycled or goes into the ground. Period. We have been doing this for 14 years. We can be trusted..

Hire one of our rubbish remover for any job near Lyddington

All tidy

"House looks better. Guys arrived when they said they would. Thank you for that and well done!"
Wayne Weston Shankill June 2019

Prices for freezer collection

You would only pay more if you have more rubbish than you said.

Rubbish Clearance Ltd charge primarily by the volume for the waste or junk we remove and clear up. All our prices are + VAT but include all loading. Telephone to get quote or book your freezer collection. To book a collection we take a refundable booking fee £29.99. This is deducted from your overall price for removing your general household items and other waste.

Prices only change if the amount of rubbish we quote on is incorrect. Free estimates.

Price (exc VAT)
1 Cubic Yard From: £69
2 Cubic Yard From: £79
3 Cubic Yard From: £99
4 Cubic Yard From: £129
5 Cubic Yard From: £145
6 Cubic Yard From: £159

* 1 cubic yard is approximately 10 black bags of unwanted electricals, white goods, furniture etc.

How to arranging freezer collection

freezer collection

1. Contact us for a free quote for freezer collection.
Click here to email. You can send a photo via the form or via Whatsapp for convenience
2. We give you an inclusive price
We get back to you in under 60 minutes with a price or over the phone if you call
3. You pay £30.00 + vat
This is used to secure the collection booking and is deducted from the end price for removing your rubbish, It is fully refundable should you change your mind.
4. We plan your collection in Lyddington Rutland
Speed & convenience. We come to your home or business in Lyddington when it is convenient for you.
5. We collect, clear up and take away of your general household waste
We take everything to a licensed dump and recycle what we can. Job done.

Not going to home - no problem: If you are not going to be in when we collect we will need to make a payment over the phone. Alternatively, if you are in we can arrange a contactless payment when we arrive.

We take all credit cards in Rutland.

We're all about helping, and all about getting your rubbish out of your way in Lyddington

Call: 0800 138 9100
You can send us a pictures of your bulky electrical appliances by Whatsapp and we will reply with price in 5 mins.
Prices from £59

Contact Us now to take away all you bulky electrical appliances. We cover all of Tullibody,Howpasley, all of Rutland and England.



Dave J.


RC Ltd did exactly what they said and removed all of garden rubbish and took away the fridge too. Good company."

Mary K.

Business owner

Always prompt & courteous – very quick & no hassles. We've used them for home and for a big workplace clear out. Very efficient."

Natalia S.


They sent two blokes with a lorry and took away all the rubbish for less that we had been quoted elsewhere. Enough said."

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