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Waste removal services

Our services

Rubbish Clearance has two decades of expertise in delivering commercial and residential waste clearing services to many people across the UK.

We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction and focus on delivering the best quality services to our customers – all of our staff are passionate about what they do, and our customers have spoken highly of their work. 

Get in touch on 0800 138 9100.

Why choose us?

We are the first choice for many people across the UK that want a waste clearing service performed that is: hassle-free, quick and reasonably priced.

Our wide range of services means there will always be something for everyone.

We provide different commercial and residential waste clearing services to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers.

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To discuss any removals, be sure to get in contact today to discuss how we will be able to remove your general waste.

Get in touch on 0800 138 9100 and speak to one of the helpful members of our team for a free quote.

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