Rubbish Clearance

Getting rid of all domestic rubbish

Many people across the UK rely on Rubbish Clearance Limited for their domestic rubbish removal.

Homeowners that require a household clearance choose us because we make the process simpler for them.

Home rubbish removal

It doesn’t matter about how much, or how little, our customers want to throw away… we can help them with an­y job!

Our home rubbish removal services simplify the process and make it easy for homeowners so they do not need to worry about anything.

We see all jobs as important, the size of the house rubbish clearance does not matter to us.

Our home waste collection process is simple: no mess, no stress and no worries. We take care of the whole home clearance service from the moment we arrive on your property.

Experience with domestic rubbish disposal across the UK

Our house waste removal and rubbish collection services don’t have any limitations regarding the amount we can collect.

We can collect any domestic waste from our rubbish clearance service and collect different types of products during the home waste collection:

  • Fridges and microwaves
  • Televisions
  • Cabinets and wardrobes
  • Paper, packaging and cardboard
  • Removals for holiday decorations

If your item is not on the list, get in contact and we will discuss how we will remove your specific item(s).

Why use us?

  • We operate across the UK – so it does not matter where you live!
  • Our team are professionals who have years of experience performing bulky appliances clearance.
  • We use the latest technology so it makes our house clearance process simpler for us and the customer.
  • Our prices are affordable for our household waste disposal – and the price covers the whole process of the appliance collection.

To discuss any removals, then be sure to get in contact today so we can discuss how we will be able to remove your household waste.

Get in touch on 0800 138 9100 and speak to one of the helpful members of our team, for a free quote.

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